Back Web Cheat Sheet: Tracking Shipments

Tracking Shipments with Saia Secure

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There’s no easier way to track your Saia shipment than logging on to —it’s fast, simple and always up-to-date with the latest information. In this document, you’ll learn the five ways you can track your shipment online with Saia.

4 responses to “ Web Cheat Sheet: Tracking Shipments”

  1. Kim Swaim says:

    How can I look at a BOL or POD on your website after I login please? EXP PRO# 101769061706 . Please provide instructions on how I may obtain these via your website.

    Take care and thank you,

    Kim Swaim

    • Saia LTL Freight says:

      Hi Kim, when you log in to your Saia Secure account you should only enter your PRO# which is 10176906170. The last number (the “6”) is a check digit and should not be entered. Please let us know if you are still having issues.

  2. Beverly says:

    How can you look up a BOL without a PRO # is there an area I can search by pick up date?

    • Saia LTL Freight says:

      Hi Beverly- Thanks for reaching out to us. If you are on our website- you can track the shipment by the Bill of Lading # or by the pick-up number. Do you have that information? Let us know how we can assist you.

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