Five Saia Solutions that Address Shippers’ Needs

Five Saia Solutions that address Shippers Needs

Five Saia Solutions that Address Shippers’ Needs

Quality. Consistency. Trust. These are just a few of the attributes shippers look for in a carrier.

Through proactively reviewing processes and focusing on opportunities for improvement, carriers can deliver the consistent, quality experience their customers expect.

From loading tools to beneficial technology, here are five solutions Saia implements to better address the needs of its customers:

  1. Air Bag Fillers. When loading freight into trailers, bags filled with air are placed in the gaps where there is a space of 6” or more to ensure all pieces are secure. As movement can cause freight to shift, properly loading and protecting freight is crucial in order to keep it in top condition and prevent damage.
  1. Bars and Straps. Load bars are fixed inside the trailer to create racks that separate freight in such a way to make sure no shipment is double-stacked. Straps secure freight to the walls, which prevents damage during transit and helps to make sure customers receive their products in the same condition as they were when shipped. Saia makes sure these items are readily available and mandates their use, unlike other carriers who may use them more sparingly.
  1. Dock-to-Driver Program. Well-trained, capable drivers are critical to any carrier’s success. Saia’s Dock-to-Driver Program is designed for new drivers who do not have any previous experience in truck driving and prepares them for a commercial driver’s license. Drivers complete an extensive training program over the course of five weeks that consists of on-the-road instruction, yard maneuvers and inspections. After the completion of the program, drivers have the skills necessary to represent Saia, and its shippers, well. This program also helps to address driver shortages, providing more capacity for shippers’ freight. Watch this video to get an inside look on how the Dock-to-Driver program prepares our drivers.
  1. Progressive Shifting. Shifting at the right RPM maximizes fuel efficiency and prolongs the life of the engine. At Saia, a Vnomics telematics device helps train drivers to shift at the appropriate time, using audible tones to indicate if a driver shifts too early or too late. Progressive shifting provides numerous benefits from improving fuel economy to minimizing operational costs —savings that can be passed along to shippers.
  1. Custom-Engineered Handheld Devices. These devices provide real-time updates throughout the life of a Saia shipment as drivers input their activities to capture how freight is moving. These devices also include a GPS for directions and a camera in case pictures of freight need to be taken. The handheld devices bring further visibility to the shipping process, benefiting overall operations and communication to customers.

 For carriers, building a trusted relationship with a shipper goes beyond just shipment-to-shipment and requires a dedication to providing proactive solutions that improve the entire partnership.

Check out Saia’s new video series to learn more about the solutions shared in this post.

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