Chief Customer Officer: Representing the Voice of the Customer

Ray Ramu Chief Customer Officer

The CCO position was created to bring cohesion to various departments and to serve as an advocate for customers. Ray Ramu, a long-time Saia executive, was appointed to the role last year.

With his sole focus on the customer, Ramu is able to represent the interests and needs of customers in all aspects of Saia’s business while driving proactive change throughout the organization.

“Every department makes business decisions and those decisions will impact customers,” said Ramu. “My job is to make sure that those decisions are being made and that the customer’s voice is being heard.”

As a service-oriented company, Saia strives to be proactive in its efforts to achieve and continually maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. This position ensures that Saia is consistently providing a quality experience for customers.

In this role, the CCO monitors interactions of the sales, marketing and customer service departments to ensure proper service, but also searches for opportunities for growth within those departments that will further benefit customers. Ramu also devotes time to working with operations, which aids in identifying areas of improvement in Saia’s service offerings that can then be addressed as necessary. Through managing these departments and implementing changes that bring value to customers, the CCO builds a culture of trust and efficiency.

The CCO looks at all encompassing aspects of the business that influences external perceptions and emphasize quality. Drivers are expected to represent themselves, and their customers’ businesses, professionally and pleasantly; truck equipment is evaluated for its appeal and operational functions; and employees are encouraged to provide support and assistance that goes above and beyond expectations.

The addition of this unique role is another way Saia evolves to meet the needs of customers.

“Our ultimate goal is to build rapport and establish trust with our customers,” said Ramu. “This role allows me to focus on interactions and opportunities that can lead to a thriving partnership.”

Hear more from Saia’s CCO Ray Ramu in this video.

5 responses to “Chief Customer Officer: Representing the Voice of the Customer”

  1. Chris Cromley says:

    I am calling with regards to my Pro # 77058778610. I spoke with Theresa yesterday and she informed me that the package would be delivered today between the hours of 8am-3pm. It is 3:40 pm and my package is not here nor has anyone contacted me to let me know why not. I took the day off so that I could be here and you guys have wasted my time and my money. You have no live person to speak with and all I get is voice mail.

    I know that I am not a big client of yours but I can guarantee that I plan to leave terrible reviews for your company on google, yelp. Angies list and anyone else to let them know how bad your company and its customer service sucks!

    • Saia LTL Freight says:

      Mr. Cromley we are sorry your freight hasn’t been delivered on time. We value your business and will be looking into this issue. Please expect an email from us shortly.

  2. antonio says:

    “Every department makes business decisions and those decisions will impact customers,” said Ramu. “My job is to make sure that those decisions are being made and that the customer’s voice is being heard.” –
    My shipment has been lost by your company. The value of my shipment is over 3000, which is enough to put me out of business because I lose the payment by my customer and I lose the amount of money I had to put into the item. I filed a claim #2215487 and your representatives are telling me that I’m potentially getting $15 back?! That’s not putting customers first, Mr. Ramu. That’s completely destroying a small business for putting their faith into your company. I did nothing wrong, and over a month later you guys have yet to locate my shipment. It simply disappeared from your docks, and now your claim representative has the audacity to not take my call and possibly wont call me back for up to 24hrs. How do you think my client feels about that? If you worked for a month straight and was told at the end of the month that your paycheck was lost, would you take that lightly? Well what if your employer then went on to tell you sorry, because we lost your check we are unable to pay you! That’s incredibly crippling and should not occur in the United States of America. I will not stop requesting my shipment or the actual value of my shipment until I get it. Even if this means I have to take this matter all the way up to Mr. O’Dell. I don’t need an apology, I need to move on with my life – and I need my shipment or the actual value of my shipment refunded to me in order to move on.

  3. jim szopinski says:

    Pro number 10189438600. Shipped on 5/10 with ETA of 5/12. As of this morning,(5/15), still not even out for delivery. No answer at your Detroit terminal. Call rolls into a central customer service that was zero help. Spoke with a Destiny and then Darlene (supervisor). She finally was able to patch me through to John Carico in Detroit terminal and he said that he does NOT have manpower to unload trailer.

    This is so sad. You are now delaying my customer (Boomer Company in Detroit). No remorse or sympathy from your team. Please get my now late freight delivered today. It is time for you and SAIA to step up and execute.

    My number is 847-214-2245. No excuses.

    • Saia LTL Freight says:

      Hi Mr. Szopinski, we value your feedback and we are sorry you feel this way. It is our priority to provide best-in-class service to our customers. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you as it was not our intent to delay your shipment to your customer.

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