Planning for Seasonal Shipping

seasonal shipping in retail

Successfully planning for peak-season shipping demands is crucial to our operations and to our customers’ bottom line during the busiest time of the year.  From June to November, shipping volumes began to explode as customers prepare for the “back to school” rush and get ready for the holiday season.  With so much additional freight to deliver, we’re constantly monitoring and adjusting our operations to ensure shippers’ freight gets delivered on time.

Customized Shipping Strategies

From fireworks to school books to costumes to coffee, shippers are rushing to get products to their customers. In order to guarantee their freight hits the shelves on time, we meet with our customers to develop a shipping strategy that meets their needs months before peak season arrives. During these face-to-face meetings, our Account Executives and shippers discuss volume predictions and shipment deadlines before crafting a mutually beneficial plan that will help them reach their holiday goals.

Calculating Demand

After meeting with our customers, we carefully analyze their projected holiday volume along with our normal shipping demands and develop a strategy that maximizes operations and ensures all freight gets delivered on time. There’s no cookie-cutter approach to calculating peak season demand and this can get tricky as most shippers’ delivery timelines directly coincides with their holiday promotions.  In some instances, we have shippers whose freight can only be delivered on certain days and times and it’s important for us to get this right.

Fully-staffed terminals

During the peak season months, we evaluate our staffing needs to ensure every terminal has the manpower to meet seasonal demands. At Saia, it is a priority for us to ensure our employees have a good work-life balance so we hire additional help to prevent our employees from working long hours during the holiday season.  In addition to ensuring terminals are fully-staffed, we also send extra trailers and trucks to our busiest terminals to ensure our operations are not negatively impacted if something were to go wrong.

Whether you’re preparing for back to school or Thanksgiving, our focus remains on providing the best service to our customers and ensuring your freight gets delivered on time.

Looking into partnering with Saia to deliver your freight this holiday season? Visit our website to learn more about our shipping services.

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