Saia to Expand Into Northeast Next Year

Saia to Expand Into Northeast Next Year

7 responses to “Saia to Expand Into Northeast Next Year”

  1. TONY says:

    Will saia have their own truck driving school?

    • Saia LTL Freight says:

      Good Morning Tony- We will not have our own truck driving school however there may be a Dock-to-Driver program in this area but we haven’t finalized that plan yet at this time.

  2. Richie says:

    When will applications start being accepted?

    • Saia LTL Freight says:

      Good Morning Richie! We are accepting applications now! You can submit your application by going to our website at and click on the “Careers” tab to complete an application. Let us know if you have any further questions.

  3. Richie Stanton says:

    I tried to complete an application for New Jersey as a driver and it said that there were no openings at this time?

    • Saia LTL Freight says:

      Hi Richie- Our HR Department advised us that the driver positions will be live on our website at the beginning of the year. We will be sure to notify you once they are posted.

  4. Richie Stanton says:

    Thank you for your help it is greatly appreciated

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