North of the Border: Saia partners with TST Overland Express

Saia Partners with TST Overland Express

On May 22, we began our new partnership with Canadian LTL shipper, TST Overland Express (TST Overland). The transition to TST Overland provides enormous opportunities in value and transit times for customers shipping north of the border, making this partnership an easy decision.

“We are excited to partner with TST Overland as our companies are well aligned in that we are both focused on industry leading, on-time delivery service and low cargo claims experience for our customers,” says Ray Ramu, Saia’s Chief Customer Officer. “Saia LTL Freight customers will benefit from multiple cross-border exchange points in the US which will provide fast direct service to Canada.”

To further explain the details and benefits of TST, we spoke with our director of inside sales, Bill Lealos, who answered some of the preliminary questions about the new partnership and what current and prospective customers can expect.

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What prompted the change in Canadian partners?

Very simply, we were looking for a partner with a broader scope. We wanted to work with a company that could offer a smoother transit process, could provide our customers with better coverage and deliver with faster transit times.

What made TST Overland the partner of choice?

TST Overland was looking for an American partner and we stood out as a perfect match for what they were seeking. Likewise for us, this new partnership with TST overland will support what we are trying to accomplish. It’s a company with low claims and exceptions ratios, which obviously is the type of partner Saia is interested in, and they could help provide a lot of synergy with our current national accounts.

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More importantly, TST Overland is capable of offering a lot more to our customers. We get better coverage across Canada due to TST Overland’s 33 terminals.  Because of the transfer process between Saia and TST Overland, we can offer enhanced services with a more reliable and seamless border crossing process.

How does this change impact Saia?

Previously, we ran all of our Canadian-bound shipments through two terminals, primarily through Chicago. With TST Overland, we’re able to add multiple exchange points, bringing us to 10 total, including an express lane from Dallas to western Canada. This partnership will allow us to tremendously increase our efficiency shipping north. Having multiple exchange points allows us to load our Canada-bound trailers right from our Saia trailers, which cuts down on time and opportunities for damage.

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More importantly, how does this change impact customers?

Well, there’s really no part of this that customers won’t like. Pricing is going to be more flexible. With the multiple exchange points, there will be less handling and fewer opportunities for damages, claims and exceptions. Customers should expect enhanced service and more reliable transit times. It’s a bit cliché, but this partnership is truly a win-win for both Saia and our customers.

What can customers expect of TST Overland?

TST Overland will provide more integrated technology solutions with Saia. Previously, we had a lot of moving parts between documentation and approval, and freight couldn’t be shipped until all of the proper paperwork had been cleared. With TST Overland the approval process is going to be more automated and swift, allowing customers to receive approval before the original pickup is even made. In short, customers should expect our partnership with TST Overland to make it even easier for them to ship to Canada.

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Are tracking processes going to change at all?

If there are any changes to our tracking process, it will be slightly increased visibility for customers. Everything will be pretty similar to our current process in terms of how and where customers can track their freight. As always, tracking options can be found at Customers can also view and download our Tracking Cheat Sheet.

Are there any other benefits that customers looking to ship to Canada should know about?

This is really going to be a great change for everyone. We will offer better transit times serving both north and south-bound Canadian shipments. It’s also important to know that you don’t have to be a major shipper to benefit from this partnership. Even if you’re a shipper that just has one or two Canadian shipments here or there, you’re going to experience enhanced service.

For more information about our new partnership with TST Overland, visit Saia’s View to see the official press release.

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  1. ric gorski says:

    what border crossings will you be using? Detroit….buffalo ny?

    • Saia LTL Freight says:

      Good Morning Ric- We have 10 gateways to Canada. Our team will be loading trailers to Canada at the following terminals: Charlotte, NC; Harrisburg, PA; Cleveland, OH; Toledo, OH; Indianapolis, IN; Grayslake, IL; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Fontana, CA; and Seattle, WA. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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