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In 2012, Saia first ventured into the world of third party logistics (3PL) with its purchase of Robart Transportation, Inc. Three years later, in 2015, Saia made yet another acquisition in the logistics space, this time with the purchase of LinkEx. The diverse service selection that LinkEx offered to the already well established LTL business at Saia made the decision to acquire the supply chain solutions provider an easy one.

Shippers’ needs extend well beyond their freight getting from point A to point B, and often times LTL services alone are not enough to get the job done. This is why Saia has always sought to offer complete logistics solutions that its customers require. The addition of LinkEx has made accomplishing those needs possible.

LinkEx Shipping Solutions

So, what is a “supply-chain solution provider”? In short, it’s a provider of extended logistical services. Spelled out, LinkEx is an asset-light, intermodal logistics provider that offers services such as warehousing, inbound consolidation, and pick, pack and ship services — among others. Perhaps the greatest benefit for customers, however, is that it allows them to work with a single entity, or single customer service representative, to manage their freight brokerage, pickup, warehousing and delivery all the way down to the final mile, without having separate points of contact for every step of the logistics chain.

Today, LinkEx provides local delivery services through its subsidiary MetroGo in the Dallas area but over the next 12-36 months will be expanding to an additional seven U.S. metro areas, providing customers with a one-stop entity for LTL shipping and a full complement of 3PL services. Each location will be equipped with its own dedicated sales and service team, which is part of what sets LinkEx apart from competing 3PLs. Saia’s localized and personal approach with LinkEx provides a unique and refreshing customer service experience.

LinkEx-Metro Go

Customers new to LinkEx shouldn’t be surprised when they notice someone taking the time to get to know their businesses inside and out. It’s just how LinkEx is able to learn their customers’ specific needs and implement not just the best possible logistics solutions but the right ones. To further separate it from the competition, LinkEx is backed by a $1.2 billion company in Saia, Inc. which only helps to ensure that LinkEx is as capable, if not more so, than any other logistics solutions brand available.

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