The Saia App: The Bare Necessities

The Saia App

Shippers are always on the move so they’re constantly looking for a quick, convenient way to check the status of their freight. For those with an immediate need of shipment details, we have the perfect tool.

The Saia LTL app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices, helps shippers manage freight while on the go.  Understanding that our customers regularly need updates with only their mobile devices handy, the app was originally designed to provide the basic necessities while using as little cellular data as possible when not connected to Wi-Fi. Additionally, the app includes the most popular functions on

Freight Tracking

Knowing where your freight is has always been a priority for shippers, which is why we made freight tracking our main focus with the Saia app. We realize shippers may not always have a particular tracking number handy- so we’ve enabled tracking via multiple options including pro, bill of lading, shipper and purchase order numbers. Any one of these will provide detailed information on the current status of your freight.

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On-demand Documents and Quotes

The Saia app also provides imaged documents for Saia Secure customers, allowing you to access the important paperwork needed to provide proof of delivery. For those needing a spot quote, the app offers shipment quotes including the ability to choose a guaranteed service option. If you are happy with the quote, take the next step and schedule your pickup from anywhere, right from within the app.

Contacting Saia Made Easy

For those with lingering questions, the app provides contact lists for all of Saia’s departments. Simply select the department you’d like to contact to send a message. Or, click on the provided phone number to place a call.

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If you need more information regarding your shipment, the Saia mobile site provides an optimized version of everything that has to offer adjusted for your phone. So, join the over 13,000 customers who have downloaded the app today.

Click HERE for more information on the app and links to download it with your mobile service provider.

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