Saia Packaging Guide for Shippers

Packaging Guide

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Every day, our goal at Saia is to deliver each shipment on-time and damage-free. In order for us to succeed, each shipment must be properly packaged to withstand the normal rigors of transport. When followed, these guidelines will help us achieve our goal of claims-free service.

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  1. Joseph Novosel Jr says:

    Excellent, simplified guide for proper packaging. It should be noted that a substantial percentage of damage to freight occurs because the customer fails to properly prepare the shipment for transportation. Drivers should refuse to accept freight that is unworthy of safe travel, as it increases the risk of damage claims – i.e. loose drums, poorly secured machinery, boxes of insufficient ECT to support their content, crates constructed from 1/2″ or thinner dimensional or sheet lumber, etc.

    The ease at which the carrier can handle the freight is directly proportional to the survivability of the shipment damage free. It takes a group effort from the driver, cargo handler AND the customer to ensure a successful delivery at the end of the line.

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