Saia Then and Now: Sarmona Miller; Director of Revenue Management

Sarmona Miller

When Sarmona Miller started her career with Saia, she worked as a night biller. The job was meant to fund her college education, as she was also a full-time student with plans to become a teacher. Unexpectedly she found she had a knack for the role, and she continued to follow the path that unfolded before her at Saia.

Her position as a night biller transformed into a position as a night billing auditor, then daytime rate clerk, then revenue management coordinator, credit manager, and so on. Now, 16 years into her career with Saia, Sarmona is the company’s director of revenue management, overseeing the billing, traffic, publications, and credit departments.

How Times Have Changed

Sarmona says the customers haven’t changed. Customers still look for cost-efficient, on-time and claims-free LTL shipping services. What has changed, are customers’ expectations and needs. Operational processes, customer communication, and the ability to more accurately bill and rate shipments for all the services that are being provided by Saia have created the largest changes to the billing and traffic departments during her tenure.

Sarmona Miller 2

What has changed for the best?

Since Sarmona joined the company, she believes Saia has become one of the top LTL carriers through its strong senior leadership team and its investment and focus on customers — both internally and externally. From what she can see, Saia has produced a unique customer-focused approach that enables the carrier to understand and service each customer’s business better than any other carrier.

Sarmona also credits Saia’s success with the strengthening of the company’s relationships with their customers and partners.  In addition, Saia’s investments in technology, software, and processes are also key items to Saia’s success. These investments have not only helped Saia live up to growing customer expectations and the need for fast, real-time information, but they have also made managing employees and workflows easier as well.

Sarmona Miller 3

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment during your time here at Saia?

Since starting with the company in an entry-level position and working her way up to a director position, Sarmona considers her greatest accomplishment to be having found a career with a company that has supported her and has allowed her to progress professionally through hard-work and persistence.

“Considering where I was when I started to where I am now, I feel like I’m an inspiration to my peers and colleagues,” she says.  “With Saia, if you’re willing to do the work, you will reap the rewards.”

What’s left to achieve?

When asked about her future goals with the company, Sarmona states she would like to be a vice president of the company one day.

Sarmona Miller 4

“I think I have a lot of ideas and insight,” she says. “Since I started from the bottom, so to speak, I’ve had multiple roles within the company.  My roles have allowed me to work closely with internal and external customers.  This knowledge and experience has given me some discernment on how to help further ensure the continued success of the company.”

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  1. Michele Bonvillain says:

    Congrats lil sister you deserve it!

  2. Stephen Lobre says:

    Saia is blessed to have such a dedicated, intelligent and driven person like Sarmona. I wish Sarmona continued success with Saia in the future!



  3. Vivian Twilbeck says:

    Sarmona is a perfect representative of our great company. She has worked hard to get her new position but always considers the company, customers, and employees.

  4. Stacie Budrock says:

    Congratulations Sarmona! You truly deserve how far you’ve come. While visiting HGO a couple of weeks ago, it was heartwarming to see the level of respect your team has for you. Because I know from first hand experience, in order to get the respect you have to give it, so I knew it wasn’t one sided. How far you’ve come is a proud accomplishment but the respect from all of us around you should make you feel even more proud. Keep striving for your goal, we can’t wait to see you reach it!

  5. Sam Fensterstock says:

    Congrats on a great review

  6. Kim Borchard says:

    Congratulations Sarmona!!

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