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Saia Guaranteed


At Saia LTL Freight, when we give you our word, we mean it. That's why you can feel confident with Saia Guaranteed - our reliable guaranteed service backed by our proven, experienced team. You pick the time - and Saia gives you peace of mind with reliable on-time delivery. Read more +

The How’s and Why’s of Customer Service at Saia

The Hows and Whys of Customer Service

As freight travels from “point A to point B”, communication between a shipper and the carrier is critical, and customer service plays a key role. Mike Parker, vice president of marketing and customer service, shares his insight into customer service at Saia and plans for the department’s future. Q: How is Saia’s customer service Read more +

Dimensioners: Trucking’s Smart Technology


Shipping costs are an important line item in a shipper’s budget. Shippers are always looking to find the lowest rate with the best quality carrier. There are various ways to calculate rates for shipments and various tools to use in order to determine them. Traditionally, rates have been exclusively tied to what a shipper Read more +



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