Safety: A Look at Driver Training

Ensuring truck drivers are qualified and understand how to apply safety training could be a matter of life or death on the road. Learn how our Dock-to-Driver Program makes these efforts a priority.

Quality Matters More

Preventing claims is a big deal in the shipping industry. Properly loading and protecting freight can make a tremendous difference, so Saia has made a series of process improvements to make this easier at each terminal. In this video, Steve Greenhill, director of claims prevention, highlights the innovations that have improved loading and freight handling at all of Saia’s terminals.

Putting Customers First

Saia’s structure for customer service is unique in the industry and beneficial to all of our customers. Our centralized call center provides our highly-trained customer service representatives with access and visibility that people at a terminal location wouldn’t have. Learn how this structure helps our representatives find data and resolve our customers’ issues faster.



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